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Cooking Connects:

Once a month we meet with young refugees on a friday evening and cook together. For this we always go shopping all together first and then we cook dishes from different countrys and cultures. Having fun and meet new people, dishes and cultures is here the most important thing. We spend some great hours together every time and would be very happy if new would like to join us. On Facebook we inform you, when we cook together again.


Last year we regocnized again and again that polical work is also public appearance. Our first protest took place at the 12th of March in 2016. This protest was a huge succes, becaus we were about 500 people. We went about one hour through Lüneburg and drawed attention to ourselfs with a lot of posters and our voices. At the end we sang together against racissm in an human chain. We protested for a liberal-minded an colourful Lüneburg and against racissm in every way.

Half a year later we went out on the streets to protest for a second time. The reason for this were the first results of the elections in other federal states of Germany in autem 2016. We were shocked about the succes of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland - Alternative for Germany, a german party that holds an extremly view of the political right). To show up against this so called "Alternative for Germany" and to inform about them, we organized a protest (Anti - AfD protest) Another goal of this demonstration was to animate the habitants of Lüneburg, to do their must as civizen, go vote and save a liberal-minded Lüneburg. This protest was also a huge succes, because we were about 450 protesting people.

Children meetings:

Every fourth sunday we go with colourful pencils, games, children make up, challk for the street and music instruments to a refugee accomodation in Lüneburg to spend a nice day with the younger children there. We are always able to get a smile in the face of every participitant and bring rays of light into a lot of grey everyday lifes.

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