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We, Jugend für Geflüchtete (youth for refugees) are a youth group from Lüneburg, founded in December 2015. We are a varied group of youths and young adults in the age of 14 to 20 years. Our goal is to bring people from different cultures in and around Lüneburg together und to destroy prejudices. We want to integrate young refugees into our society. Since one year we offer a weekly learn-meeting, to improve the knowledge of the german language of refugees. We do homework together, play kicker and soccer or just talk about our every day life. Furthermore we meet and cook together, play music and go on trips. With the help of public activities we like to politise andd bring youths to politic and social involvement. In the year 2016 we organiced two demonstrations, to show our politic meaning to the publicity. Another activitie was e.g. a information point while the „Lüneburger Wochen gegen Rassismus 2017“ (weeks against rassism 2017 in Lüneburg). We are completly self-organized and do not belong to any holder or association.

Allthough we are a self - organized youth group, we get help from different points:

Children - JUGEND HILFT!:
This year we were suported by Children - JUGEND HILFT! (Youth helps) for the first time. Next to a support for project of 2500,00€ that helped us this year to do a lot of new activities and projects, we also got one of the 8 winner-projects. Together with the other winners some of us were invited to a workshop-weekend with a evening gala and an honor at castle bellevue in Berlin this september. At this point thank you very much to the nice JUGEND HILFT! team for the support, the new experiences and tips from Berlin and most of all for the friendly and helpful work together! Without the named support this year would not have been this great for us, thank you very much! For further information about Children - JUGEND HILFT! just look at !

The nice people of the des Café Finke in Lüneburg offer us their lovely decorated rooms multiple times per week. We are very thankful for the possibility of using the rooms for free. Furthermore the Finke opens it´s Café every week on Tuesday and Friday from 3 pm tp 7 pm and also regulary offers evening-events. For more information visit them on Facebook or take a look on the homepage. group photo planing weekend Meuchefitz Logo JUGEND-HILFT! logo Finke-Café&Community

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